Medjool Date Sampler

This assortment is great way to sample the delicious variety of Natural Delights. We’ve curated four of our favorite Natural Delights products to make our Medjool Date Sampler. Each sampler contains Whole Medjool dates and Pitted Medjool dates, plus the bite-size version of our Medjool Date Rolls – Almond Medjool Date Clusters, and Coconut Medjool Date Clusters.

Sampler contains one each:

  • Whole Medjool Dates, 4.3 oz package
  • Pitted Medjool Dates, 3.3 oz package
  • Almond Date Clusters, 4.4 oz package
  • Coconut Date Clusters, 4.4 oz package


Whole Medjool Dates

Whole Medjool dates are a culinary and snacking classic. Whole dates are the most traditional way to enjoy dates, and are considered by many to be the best Medjool date experience. We offer them here in a 4.3 oz pack. (approximately 8-12 Medjool dates).

One Whole Medjool Dates 4.3 oz package


Pitted Medjool Dates

Pitted Medjool dates offer all the goodness and quality of their Whole brethren with even more convenience. We’ve carefully removed the pits to make Medjool dates even easier to prepare for recipes, plus they are absolutely effortless to snack on.

One Pitted Medjool Dates 3.3 oz package


Almond Date Clusters

Date Clusters are the newest way to enjoy the delicious flavor of Medjool dates. Natural Delights’ Date Clusters are luscious and soft, with a texture like a brownie, but with the sweet, caramel flavor of dates. Almond Date Clusters are gently rolled in chopped almonds and are absolutely addictive.

One Almond Medjool Date Clusters 4.4 oz package


Coconut Date Clusters

Coconut Medjool Date Clusters take their inspiration from traditional holiday treats. Coconut is a perfect flavor pairing with Medjool dates, and we present this combination here as a Medjool Date Cluster rolled in coconut flakes. Irresistible!

One Coconut Medjool Date Clusters 4.4 oz package